Alien Trout Control on the Colorado

While I sympathize with my friends like Terry Gunn, who guide and fish at Lees Ferry on the Colorado and while I love to fish for naturalized alien trout, I consider the alien trout in the Colorado River as a scourge on the native ecosystem -- no different in their effect than are starlings, house sparrows, feral cats and feral horses on terrestrial systems. Despite comments urging Trout Unlimited to “take a stand,” it has wisely stayed out of the fight. As former TU president Charles Gauvin declared: “If we fight this, what will we say to Walleyes Unlimited when they complain about some coho recovery program in Oregon? Let's grow up. This is a problem we have to live with in these altered habitats where trout are a mitigation species. If the science is good, what business have we to be complaining about efforts to save a native species?”

Terry’s post on my FB page garnered a whole bunch of likes and applauding comments. I merely posted by 2 cents.

Here's Terry's:

And here's mine:

Hey Native Fish people. Let’s hear what you think!