Clean Water Victory

We just won a huge victory in our lawsuit challenging the Trump administration’s attempt to roll back vital clean water protections!

The federal district court in South Carolina ruled in our favor regarding the Clean Water Rule – the important Obama-era rule that safeguards the small streams and wetlands that are drinking water sources for one in three Americans.

This is a tremendous win for protecting rivers, wetlands and clean drinking water nationwide. The court makes clear that the Trump administration cannot ignore the law, science, or the views of the American people in its rush to undermine protection of rivers and clean water.

We couldn’t have fought this battle – and achieved this major success – without your support. Your gifts give us the capacity to take on these big fights and defend protections for our rivers, our health and our communities.

Thanks to you, we’re able to be hard-hitting, persistent and effective, again and again.

We have a saying at American Rivers: “We get stuff done.” Today, we got it done for clean water. Tomorrow, we roll up our sleeves and get back to work. We’re grateful to have you standing with us.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Together, we’re an unstoppable force for good.

For the rivers,

Bob Irvin
American Rivers