Ted Williams

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TED WILLIAMS detests baseball, but is as obsessed with fishing as was the “real” (or, as he much prefers, “late”)  Ted Williams.  What he finds really discouraging is when readers meet him in person and still think he’s the frozen ballplayer.  The surviving Ted covers fish and wildlife issues for national publications including The Nature Conservancy’s online magazine Cool Green Science where he writes a monthly column called “Recovery.”   Before the recent demise of Fly Rod & Reel magazine he served as its conservation editor, contributing a regular feature-length column.   Ted also wrote a column, "Incite", for Audubon magazine for 33 years.  Ted has three books out: Wild Moments, The Insightful Sportsman and Something's Fishy.  He sits on the Circle of Chiefs of the Outdoor Writers Association of America.  Ted can be reached at ewilli9767@aol.com

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