Fred Kircheis

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FRED KIRCHEIS received a BS in Wildlife Management from the University of Maine.  He spent his entire career as a Fisheries Biologist.  Fred was first employed by the State of Rhode Island but soon came back to Maine to work as a Fishery Research Biologist for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife out of their Bangor office.  Although his work allowed him to work in all areas of the State and with all of Maine’s native fishes, Fred's main research focus was on Arctic charr, especially those in Floods Pond.  Because of his work with Arctic charr, Fred was invited to join the International Society of Arctic Charr Fanatics, a select and exclusive group of international Arctic charr experts.  He has traveled the world studying Arctic charr in all their forms and environments.  Fred was also the Executive Director of Maine Atlantic Salmon Commission.  He can be reached at