LINK - American Prairies Conservation Act

On October 4, U.S. Senators John Thune (R-SD), Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Mike Rounds (R-SD), and Michael Bennet (D-CO) introduced the American Prairies Conservation Act. Representatives Kristi Noem (R-SD), Tim Walz (D-MN), and Colin Peterson (D-MN) introduced similar legislation in the House of Representatives. The legislation would help protect America’s remaining native prairies by reducing federal subsidies that can encourage farmers to convert prairie to cropland. The bill would also require that the U.S. Department of Agriculture track and report on the loss of grasslands, North America’s most endangered natural resource. 

And it would reduce the New Jersey size dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico.

Call or write your members of Congress today and ask them to support the American Prairies Conservation Act.

You can also read more on this topic in “The State and Fate of Prairie” from Outdoor Americamagazine.


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