Maine NFC Scores Victory for Maine's Atlantic Salmon

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Effective November 24, 2018, the Maine Department of Marine Resources will be imposing a 25” maximum length limit on brown trout to help protect adult Atlantic salmon from accidental harvest due to species identification.

This rule makes it unlawful to take or possess brown trout which are greater than 25 inches in total length, from the coastal waters of the State of Maine. The rule mirrors the 25” maximum for brown trout as established by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

The Maine chapter of NFC (NFC) along with Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) and Downeast Salmon Federation (DSF) went to Maine Department of Marine Resources (DMR) after NFC discovered what we believed to be a dangerous inconsistency between how DMR and Department of Inland Fisheries of Wildlife were managing brown trout.

Click here to view initial NFC/ASF/DSF proposal

Special thanks to Maine NFC Chair Emily Bastian, Maine ASF Executive Director Andy Goode, DSF Executive Director Dwayne Shaw, and DMR Commissioner Pat Keliher and DMR biologist Sean Ledwin for helping to make this happen.