Maine NFC Opposes Proposed Stocking on Crescent Pond

Lake trout are highly piscivorous – they eat mostly minnows. Prior to the introduction of smelts it is likely that whitefish were their primary forage. It is fair to assume that the stocked lake trout will not only eat the undesirable smelt, but some level of whitefish, the species you are trying to protect. The low recruitment of lake trout noted is probably what allowed the whitefish and lake trout to coexist peacefully prior to the introduction of smelts. Artificially increasing the lake trout biomass could have unexpected results.

Note that NFC does not oppose the proposal to remove Crescent Pond from the State Heritage Fish list as it was added in error based on the wording of the law.

Crescent Pond SHF Removal (8-8-2018) - NFC Comments-001 (1).jpg