NFC Custom Amadou Fly Dryers


The quicker you dry your fly the quicker you can get it back on the water.  Most anglers first remove excess water by shaking, blowing or squeezing the fly, and then use powdered desiccant.  While chamois cloth, a hanky or your shirt can help remove excess water, nothing works quite like Amadou.

Amadou is made from a fungus found on trees, Fomes fomentarius, locally referred to as “horse’s foot fungus”.  It is native to Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.  Amadou is a spongy material that is extremely absorbent and quite durable.  It is also flammable, earning it the nickname “tinder fungus.”  Amadou was used by prehistoric man as a fire starter, and was found on Otzi, a 5000-year old entombed hunter-gatherer known to history as “the Iceman".


NFC tapped Kenny Nelson, better known as Nelson Amadou, to develop a custom logo Amadou patch for us.  Kenny's patches are handmade and employ the thickest Amadou we have seen.  He affixes the Amadou to leather, attaches a small strap and d-ring for hanging, and then uses a laser to etch our logo and mission on.

These custom one-of-a-kind handmade fly dryers are available on our website for a donation of just $34.95 and will be shipped for free within the contiguous United States.  Get yourself the best Amadou patch on the market while helping NFC raise money for conservation initiatives and supporting a small family-owned business.

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Note that these patches are hand cut and hand assembled from natural Amadou and leather.  They are hand etched as a well.  As a result, small imperfections are the rule not the exception.  But to us, this is part of what makes them so special...