Maine NFC's State Heritage Fish Working Group Testimony


The Maine chapter of Native Fish Coalition will be at an important legislative hearing tomorrow to discuss the fate of Maine's State Heritage Fish waters.  The hearing is to discuss the progress made over a period of 10 or so months to address concerns brought up during the 2017 legislative session.

Specifically, three now members of NFC submitted two pieces of legislation to amend the State Heritage Fish law to strengthen the program.  The first was to extend the non-live-fish-as-bait restriction to tributaries of so designated waters.  The second to make it easier to add waters to the list going forward.

While we were not invited to participate in the working group, we attended several meetings as observers and read  all the meeting minutes and hand-outs.  We do not feel that what we believe is being offered addresses either of the two bills sufficiency.  While there is no guarantee we will get a chance to speak, we will be there ready to if called on.   

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