Maine State Heritage Fish Sign Initiative Taking Off

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The Maine chapter of NFCs Maine State Heritage Fish Sign initiative is really starting to take off.  The outpour of support has been humbling, heartwarming, and proof that Maine's State Heritage Fish waters are important to many. 

With 578 so-designated waters, and more being added, scattered across a large rural state, much of what is off the power grid, and many of which have no trails to them, this is a huge project for a small organization.  

Our current estimate is that it will take over 700 signs to cover these waters.  The effort will cost more than $6,000 in signs and hardware, and involve hundreds of miles of driving and thousands of hours of volunteer time, as well as hundreds of hours of administration.

Here are some general statistics:

  • Waters reserved by volunteers: 75

  • Waters where the signs have been picked up by the volunteer: 86

  • Waters where the signs have been put up: 46

This represents a total of 207 waters, or 36% of the total, that are closed or in process. 

Capture SHF Sign Status.JPG