Project Update: Maine State Heritage Fish Sign


With cooler weather upon us, NFC volunteers have once again hit the woods to post State Heritage Fish signs. We are humbled by the level of support we have received and thank everyone who has stepped up to help out.

Capture SHF Sign Status.JPG

As you can see by the charts above signs have been posted on nearly 15% of the total State Heritage Fish waters. Another 25% have either been assigned or had their signs picked up for posting. This means that almost 40% of the waters are completed or in process.

Capture SHF Sign Status (Adjusted).JPG

When you adjust the numbers for the waters we do not have approval to post signs on yet and where the landowner has refused to allow signs, it jumps up to 18% completed, over 30% assigned or picked up, and roughly 50% complete or in process.

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