Neither Snow nor Rain nor Heat nor Gloom of Night...

Well maybe gloom of night as no one has tried it yet, but nothing else seems to keep Maine NFC volunteers from taking to the woods to protect our invaluable State Heritage Fish waters.

Once again Kerry Hegarty from Jackman has hit the trail in his trusty sled and posted signs on three more ponds, moving him into the “More Than Ten Pond” club with a total of eleven waters posted. Along with Kerry we’d like to recognize the rest of the club and thank them for their effort:

  • Bob Mallard: 17

  • Leslie and Jim Kelly: 16

  • Jerry Derosier: 15

  • Emily Bastian: 13

  • The Nature Conservancy: 12

If you have a snowmobile, snowshoes, or x-country skis and want a good excuse to do some exploring while helping to protect Maine’s invaluable State Heritage Fish waters consider signing up to post signs on a pond or two. Click here to volunteer.