Maine DMR Imposes 25" Maximum Length Limit of Brown Trout in Coastal Waters


The Maine chapter of NFC and our partners Downeast Salmon Federation and Atlantic Salmon Federation worked with Maine Department of Marine Resources (DMR) to help protect adult critically endangered Atlantic salmon from misidentification.

While Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife had a 25” maximum length limit on brown trout in moving water, DMR did not. After going through the necessary rule-making procedures early this fall, the next step as to change the law on the DMR website:

DMR Law.jpg

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dmr x.jpg

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This is the second time the Maine chapter of NFC has worked with DMR to make changes to the sea-run fish law graphic. The first time was to add native brook trout to the graphic and de-emphasize nonnative brown trout:

DMR 3.jpg

Special thanks to DMR, DSF, ASF, and ME NFC Chair Emily Bastian for making this happen...