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8 Places Where Will Be New Public Access to Hunting and Fishing by the Fall Opener

In a ceremony at Ottowa National Wildlife Refuge in Ohio this summer, Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt announced a proposal to expand hunting and fishing access on some U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service-run refuges and fish hatcheries and open new sportsmen’s access on others. This recognizes the value of hunting and fishing to the American economy and addresses one of the major threats to hunting and fishing participation—lost access…

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Fish, Fish, Fish: The Number One Threat to Native Trout

While much of our emphasis is on habitat, nonnative fish are arguably the biggest threat to our native trout today. When you consider state-sponsored introductions — stocking and transfers, including trout; private stocking — often organization-sponsored; the in-migration of stocked fish from a secondary source; angler-initiated “bucket-biology,” and nonnative minnows resulting from the illegal, and legal, use of live fish as bait, it’s likely nothing even comes close…

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Alaska's Tongass is in peril again

Alaska’s Tongass National Forest is one of the last places on the planet where things are working generally as they always have. Yes, “perfection” might a be a reach. But every year, the salmon come home to spawn. Every year, the bears await their arrival, and the eagles pick at what’s left over. Every year, the humpback whales return to the cold, fertile waters of the region to calve and grow fat before migrating south again when the weather turns sour…

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