The One That Didn't Get Away Club

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The Maine chapter of Native Fish Coalition worked with The Maine Sportsman magazine to make some changes to their One That Didn't Get Away Club patch application form.  The intent was to bring the program in line with state and federal law regarding endangered sea-run Atlantic salmon, while lessening the potential impact on rare Arctic charr.


The original application listed federally endangered Atlantic salmon, rare Arctic charr, and numerous other game species.  Each species has a minimum weight requirement, and must be weighed and supported with the signature of a game warden.   

Patch Application -- The One That Didn't Get Away Club - NFC REVISED.JPG

Maine NFC worked with The Maine Sportsman to remove sea-run Atlantic salmon from the application as it is illegal to target, harvest or remove from the water any sea-run Atlantic salmon regardless of size and where it was caught. 

While Maine NFC wanted to remove rare Arctic charr, the two groups worked to come to a compromise that would allow anglers to submit their application without physical proof of their catch.  Specifically, photographic evidence is now allowed in regard to Arctic charr.

The Maine Sportsman One That Didn't Get Away - REVISED.jpg

Upon agreeing to the two changes, Maine NFC provided an updated .pdf of the form to The Maine Sportsman who downloaded it to their website. 

Kudos to both Maine NFC and The Maine Sportsman for working together to remove endangered Atlantic salmon, and find a compromise position regarding rare Arctic charr