Maine State Heritage Fish Working Group

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Several people who are now members of the Maine chapter of Native Fish Coalition worked to submit two pieces of legislation in 2017 to help strengthen Maine's State Heritage Fish law. 

Wild native brook trout congregate over a spring in a small stream in Maine. 

Wild native brook trout congregate over a spring in a small stream in Maine. 

Led by Advisory Council member George Smith, and supported by State Chair Emily Bastian and board member Bob Mallard, the group sought to extend the protections provided State Heritage Fish waters to their tributaries, and address why newly discovered waters that met the criteria were not being added.     

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While the Maine legislature did not pass the two bills, the held them over into 2018, and instructed Maine Department of Fisheries and Wildlife to put together a working group to address the concerns presented by the group.

While not invited to participate in the working group, the members of NFC attended public meetings as passive attendees so they could hear what was being said, even though protocol prevented them from speaking.  

After attending several meetings and pouring through the handouts, meeting minutes, etc., Maine NFC put together a presentation to express their concerns and offer recommendations.  The document has been forward to the legislative committee and will be presented at the hearing in early February.

Here are some of the highlights of their testimony. To learn more click here:

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