Maine State Heritage Fish Sign Initiative - Adopt a Sign or Pond


People Who Have Adopted Signs and/or Ponds...

Bill Seretta & Lyn Baird (2 Ponds/1.5 Signs)

Emily Bastian (1 Pond/1 Sign)

Larry Bastian and Debbie Bastian (3 Ponds/3 Signs)

Mike Boenisch (1 Pond/1 Sign)

William & Julie Bromley (1 Pond/1 Sign)

Gary Corson & Rick Young (3 Ponds/6 Signs)

Jerry Derosier (3 Ponds/3 Signs)

Greg Fortier (1 Pond/1 Sign)

Jim Haddow (1 Pond/1 Sign)

Kerry Hegarty (1 Pond/1 Sign)

Jennifer Henry (2 Ponds/2.5 Signs)

Bill & Cookie Horner (2 Ponds/2.5 Signs)

Debbie Jackson (1 Sign)

Gary Langille(2 Ponds/6 Signs)

Jeff Levesque (5 Signs/5 Ponds)

Libby Camps (14 Ponds/19 Signs)

George Marnik (1 Pond/1 Sign)

Steve & Diana Mclaughlin (1 Pond/1 Sign)

Jeff Moore (5 Pond/7 Signs)

Allan Nowicki (1 Pond/2 Signs)

Bucky Owen (2 Ponds/2.5 Signs)

David Peress (1 Pond/1 Sign)

Jarrett Poisson (1 Pond/1 Sign)

Matt Sylvester (1 Pond/1 Sign)

Twin Maple Outdoors (3 Ponds/4 Signs)

The Nature Conservancy (32 Ponds/40 Signs)

Mike Washburn (1 Pond/1 Sign)


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